We are to be found in Craignair Street in the small town of Dalbeattie situated in Southwest Scotland.

Our church is part of the Church of Scotland and has existed on this site since 1880.

We are a joint parish with the Haugh of Urr, a village about 3 miles to the north.

The town of Dalbeattie was founded at the end of the 18th century with prosperity based largely on agriculture, mills and granite quarrying. In its day quarrying was big business with granite being supplied to major projects in places like London and Liverpool.

The town boasted a port on a small river giving access to the Solway Firth which enabled goods to be moved by sea to the markets further afield. Of the many quarries which existed in days gone by, only one survives today but the port no longer functions indeed the size of the river dictated that it would only be viable in the days of small craft.

Tourism now accounts for an increased proportion of the local economy and in common with many areas of the world the agricultural industry is hard pressed and continues to see many changes and pressures on its economic viability.



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